Friday, 11 February 2011


1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My media product conforms to forms and conventions by the classic representations of a girl band. With use of close ups, lip singing, editing and pace. The helped us to deliver the overall 'look' of a typical girl band to an audience. The performance pieces were vital in our construction as were the 'fan' shot and the position of the male protagonist.
However, our media product developed these conventions by extensive use of the split screen. We took three simple shots and developed them into the split screen making it look professional, slick and ideal in showing the band without unnecessary performance shots. Another way we developed the conventions, was by adding in montages, these interesting montages constructed meaning of the narrative and also made shots look appealing and not static.
With the video being in black and white this helped to add to the 'filmic' look we wanted, inspired by Madonna's: Vogue.
We managed to create a cinematic effect from our video considering its genre- pop and a low budget.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I think that together with my digi pack and poster worked well together. They represent 'girl power' and the edginess of the band. I wanted it to show things that represent girls but in a 'stylish' way to typical girl bands. Thats why i used colour for my poster and digipack, which differed from my video, bringing contrast towards the ancillary texts. There is a strong pink and leopord print theme. Which outline typical and stylish prints for the generation of girls today.
The images on the front of the digipack, shows the three bandmembers. I overlaped the pink and leopord print theme throughout the images so they associate those themes with the band.
The image on the front of the poster was also used in the digi pack, therefore keeping the audience engaged with something familiar i felt this was a good technique, again i used he pink and leopord print theme aswell.
Together i think the digipack and poster worked well together as they had a strong themes which advertises the artist.

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Whilst making our video, we wanted to conform to the typical 'pop' conventions but with a twist, we didn't want it to turn into a typical 'MTV pop' video. So by doing this we hoped our audience would engage with something that was original. We had so many different ideas, but we didn't want to 'over load' the video and make it too complicated, simplistic was our intention but we had to find a way of condensing it into a three minute video. We had to deliver something that the target audience would connect with and love. 
Once we had initially finished the video, we had nothing but glowing feedback from teachers and peers. 
With one teacher commenting - 'Beautiful,slick and professional video, with fantastic performances overall pleasure to watch!'
Another teacher adding -' Absolutely brilliant - could be on MTV! Characters were fantastic and you all gelled together. The clothes and attitude portrayed the image intended.....'
From this we was advised to make no further changes to our video. From this it was shown to visitors, and other peers. To add to any additional audience feedback i also added the video to Facebook, to see what friends, relatives and teachers thought. However, we lacked critical audience feedback that was detailed. Peers, only praised the video and did not give concise detailed feedback, which could possibly be a down fall, but shows that the video was liked by most people. 

The only criticism we got from peers around school was about the lip syncing around the first couple of scenes, however this was because of the format when we converted the video to a movie. There were slight editing jumps that were evident within the scenes with 'Pete' and the band. However as they were very minor, and hard to correct without risking other scenes in Final Cut. 

4.. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Research: We didn't use any media technologies for our actual concept idea, however we used technologies  for the the way we wanted certain things to look. For example, we used YouTube to view Madonna's video Vogue, as that was our inspiration. We searched for examples of they way in which our band would be presented, e.g dress and appearance. We looked at celebrities including Beyonce and Rihanna to trigger ideas. 

Planning: I used blogger to document all planning, changes or general thoughts/ comments for my media product and ancillary texts. We used iMovie to create an animatic, which enabled us to picture how roughly our video will look. Also what shots worked and what didn't. 

Evaluation: Collecting audience feedback i used Facebook to receive audience comments/ thoughts. The video was praised by most peers. 

This allowed me to collect a diverse range of opinions ranging from friends, relatives and teachers. 

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Here is the new poster - with a changed image and leopord background. I felt that this co ordinated better with the digi pack! And promoted the band better with us facing the camera!


Here is the new improved Digi Pack....
I had to changed the font as i missed spelt 'Bullets'...i didn't even realise!

Other than that i flipped the opposite sides down in order to create the digipack physically!
I added the DVD symbol to represent the digi - pack. Also i added the spines that will show through the album cover. I'm really pleased with the final product.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Poster changes....

The poster wasn't working for me so i decided to change a few things but after some more deliberation as a group...We decided that we needed more pictures to be taken to look more professional. The ones we had we took before filming and were not very professional. So on Wednesday we should have more pictures and a finished poster!

Monday, 24 January 2011

The Poster...

I used the leopard print like the front cover but used the pink to change it up! I think the black and pink work really well together in contrast. And the picture is a 'teaser' in response to the digi pack......

Improved draft of Digi Pack...

After some deliberation, i decided to change the front cover to a picture of the band! This helped to promote and incorporate them into the look of the cover, as it looked quite bland.
I also put the leopard print faintly in the back ground to keep the theme is the 2nd draft!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

19th January - THE FINAL VIDEO!

OMG, cant believe the end product is finally here! After all planning and preparation it look amazing!
We screened our music video to the class with Miss Beer and Mrs Moore in the room!

Mrs Moore said - 'Beautiful,slick and professional video, with fantastic performances overall pleasure to watch!'

Miss Beer - Absolutely brilliant - could be on MTV! Characters were fantastic and you all gelled together. The clothes and attitude portrayed the image intended.....'

So here it is enjoy!!!...........

It may be a little out of sync because of the format compatible for a PC and MAC but the real version is in full sync believe me!!